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Ethix Global Community College is an official distance education training center for the following indian universities. Tamil Nadu Open University, Manav Bharti University, Monad University, NIMS University and G.J.University.

  • Tamil Nadu Open University
  • Manav Bharti University
  • Monad University
  • NIMS University
  • G.J.University

Tamil Nadu Open University Courses

S.No. Name of Programme
1 MA Sociology
2 MA Anthropology
3 MA Tourism and Travel Studies
4 M. Sc Mathematics
5 MA Tamil
6 MA Police Administration
7 MA English
8 M.Sc Geography
9 M.Sc Psychology
10 MA Public Administration
11 MA Islamic Studies
12 MA Gender Studies
13 MA Economics
14 MA History
15 MA Women Studies
16 MA Social Work
17 MA Human Rights
18 M.Com
19 M.Sc Computer Science
20 M.Sc Counselling and Psychotherapy
21 MA Development Administration
22 MA Political Science
23 MCA
24 MBA
25 MA Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration
26 M.Sc In Apparel and Fashion Design
27 MA International Relations
28 B.Com Accounting and Finance
29 29 BA Political Science
30 BA Tamil
31 BA Urdu
32 B.Sc Mathematics with Computer Applications
33 B.Sc Computer Science
34 BA History and Heritage Management
35 BA Human Rights
36 BA Social Work
37 BA Sociology
38 BBA Computer Applications
39 BBA
40 BA Business Economics
41 B.Sc Mathematics
42 BBA Retail Management
43 B.Sc Psychology
44 B.Sc Geography
45 BA Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration
46 BA Economics
47 B.Com Computer Applications
48 BA Tourism and Travel Studies
49 BA English
50 B Lit
51 BA Functional Tamil
52 BBA Marketing Management
53 BA English and Communication
54 B.Com Corporate Secretaryship
55 B.Com
56 BCA
57 B.Sc Visual Communication
58 BA Public Administration
59 BA Islamic Studies
60 B.Sc in Apparel and Fashion Design
61 BA History
62 B.Com Bank Management
63 PG Diploma in Tamil Research Methodology
64 PG Diploma in Export Marketing
65 PG Diploma Information Technology Management
66 PG Diploma in Software Quality Management
67 PG Diploma in Information Security
68 PG Diploma in Mathematics
69 PG Diploma in Applied Mathematics
70 PG Diploma in Gerontology
71 PG Diploma in Computer Applications
72 PG Diploma in Spoken English
73 Diploma in Media Art
74 Diploma in Museology and Conservation
75 Diploma in Archaeology and Epigraphy
76 Diploma in Management
77 Diploma in Retail Management
78 Diploma in Database
79 Certificate in NGO Management

Manav Bharti University Courses

S.No. Name of Programme
1 Diploma in Engineering (All Stream)
2 Diploma in Engineering (All Stream) (Lateral entry into Sem III)
3 M.Tech. in Info. Tech/Computer Science/Civil/Mechanical/Electronic & Common Engineering)
4 B.Tech. in Info. Tech/Computer Science/Civil/Mechanical/Electronic & Common Engineering)
5 B.Tech. in Info. Tech/Computer Science/Civil/Mechanical/Electronic & Common Engineering)
6 B.A in Advertising & Mass Communication
7 B.A in Journalism & Mass Communication
8 M.A in Advertising & Mass Communication
9 M.A in Journalism & Mass Communication
10 PG Diploma in Public Relation & Marketing Communication
11 Diploma in Libarary & Info Science
12 Bachelor in Libarary & Info Science
13 Master in Libarary & Info Science
14 Bachelor of Arts (Compulsory Paper - English & Hindi) (Elective Paperrs any 2 - Pyschology, Political Science, Public Administration, Socialogy, Eco., Maths, Sanskrit, Physical Education)
15 Bachelor of Commerce
16 Master of Commerce

Monad University Courses

S.No. Name of Programme
3 Master of Science (Computer Science/IT)
5 Diploma in Computer Application
9 B.Sc. Computer Science
10 Master of Arts (Education)
11 Master of Arts (All Subjects)
12 Master of Commerce (M.COM)
13 Master of Social Work (MSW)
14 M.Sc ALL
15 Master of Library Science
16 Bachelor of Library Science
17 Bachelor of Arts (BA) General
18 B.COM
20 B SC Agriculture
21 M SC Agriculture

NIMS University Courses

S.No. Name of Programme
1 Master in Business Administration
2 PG Diploma in Hospital Health Management
3 PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Production Management
4 PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights
5 Certificate in Health Care Waste Management
6 Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
7 Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology
8 Master of Medical Lab Technology
9 Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology
10 Bachelor of Optometry and Ophthalmic Technology
11 Master of Optometry and Ophthalmic Technology
12 Diploma in Radiography Technology
13 Bachelor of Radiation Technology
14 Master of Radiation Technology
15 Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology
16 Diploma in ECG Technology
17 Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
18 Master of Occupational Therapy
19 PG Diploma in Geriatric Medicine
20 PG Diploma in Maternal and Child Health
21 PG Diploma in Drug Regulatory Affairs
22 Certificate in Computers
23 Bachelor of Computer Application
24 PG Diploma in Computer Application
25 B.Sc. (General Science)
26 B.Sc. (Biotechnology)
27 M.Sc. (Biotechnology)
28 B.Sc. (Microbiology)
29 M.Sc. (Microbiology)
30 B.Sc. (Biochemistry)
31 B.Sc. (Mathematics)
32 M.Sc. (Mathematics)
33 B.Sc. (Physics)
34 M.Sc. (Physics)
35 B.Sc. (Chemistry)
36 M.Sc. (Chemistry)

Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology Courses

S.No. Name of Programme
1 M.Sc. (Computer Science)
2 Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
3 MCA (5 Yrs. Integrated course after 10+2)
4 MCA (5 yrs. Integrated course)
5 M.A. (Mass Communication)
6 M.A. (Mass Communication) Lateral Entry
7 Master of Business Administration(MBA)
9 MBA (with one Additional Specialization)
10 MBA (Lateral Entry)
11 Master of Commerce (M.Com)
12 M.Sc. (Mathematics)
13 PG Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA)
14 PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations (PGDA&PR)
15 PG Diploma in Taxation (PGDT)
16 PG Diploma in Environmental Management (PGDEM)
17 PG Diploma in Bakery Science & Technology (PGDBST)
18 PG Diploma in Counseling & Behaviour Modification (PGDCBM)
19 PG Diploma in Industrial Safety Management (PGDISM)
20 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
21 BBA (Lateral Entry)
22 B.A. (Mass Comm.)

International Standard Personality Development Programs

The impacts of globalization, privatization and liberalization on society may be debatable. But one good and positive thing it has created beyond any question or controversy is the immense job and business opportunities it has given to the country’s youth.

The next logical question that can arise is ‘Are our present day youth equipped to face the challenges and take these opportunities and compete in the global scenario?’ The reality is that we have many institutions of higher learning and we can produce degrees and diplomas in bigger quantity which was unimaginable in yester years.

Are these youngsters aware of the need to upgrade themselves in many areas like self awareness, self management, communication, marketing themselves as a valuable commodity, decision making, working in teams and leadership etc?

Ethix Personality Development programs helps the youngsters to develop thier Personality. Learn More.

Job Oriented Spoken English Courses

We are trusted English tutor, having helped thousands of aspiring English speakers in their quest to speak English correctly, fluently and confidently. Testimonials from our students who have benefited in their careers and personal lives, thanks to their new-found English communication skills, highlight the effectiveness of our various programs, the medium of our instruction and the quality of our tutors. Learn More.

We house a team of passionate English teachers and content developers together with top notch and highly-qualified educators to help us consistently deliver a high-quality English speaking program that you are satisfied and successful with. Get in touch with us now, either online or through a phone call, to discuss how we can give wings to your professional dreams! Learn More.

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